The main pillars of the Association of Mobile Operators of Slovakia (ASMOS) are the protection and improvement of the investment environment for operators of telecommunications services, the creation of optimal conditions for the development and operation of telecommunications infrastructure and support for the creation of a healthy market environment.

Overall, we are trying to actively support and develop the electronic communications sector in Slovakia through representation of interests, research, analysis, cooperation and education. We want to contribute to the implementation of policies and measures that support the prosperity and competitiveness of Slovakia in the world.

The association was established by the approval and signing of the statutes at the founding membership meeting on September 29, 2023 by the highest representatives of Orange, O2, Slovak Telekom and SWAN.

Mobile operators are among the largest private investors in Slovakia. In general, investments in mobile networks are direct investments in the digital economy. If the digital infrastructure is of good quality, the state, citizens and business entities benefit from it. It is the telecommunications sector that plays a key role in moving up the DESI index (Digital Economy and Society Index) compared to the current, unflattering situation for Slovakia. We believe that by joint efforts we can support the entire telecommunications sector and contribute to a better investment environment, infrastructure development and the creation of a positive market environment for all actors in this area.

In relation to the public, ASMOS will address topics that are frequently encountered by users of telecommunication technologies. These are mainly security issues, various frauds and data theft attempts. It is important to draw attention to this, especially vulnerable groups. And on the part of the operators to take measures to minimize the undesirable consequences of such actions.

ASMOS Founding members

Orange Slovakia, Slovak Telekom, O2 Slovakia and SWAN

Chairman of the ASMOS board

Igor Tóth (O2 Slovakia)

Board of Directors

Igor Tóth (O2 Slovakia)
José Perdomo Lorenzo (Slovak Telekom)
Mariusz Gatza (Orange Slovakia)
Juraj Ondriš (SWAN)